P  i  n  t  u  r  a    F  r  e  s  c  a



French artist Thierry Le Baill first founded Pintura Fresca in 2004, an international group of abstract painters.
Many artists took part in this group, many exhibitions took place everywhere in the world ( San Francisco, West Chester, Towson, London, Singapore, Stockholm, Innsbrück, Sydney…). More than thirty abstract artists took part in this adventure.

The original objective of Pintura Fresca was to encourage dialog and demonstrate that abstract painting remains vibrant into the new millennium.
However, the primary goal of Thierry Le Baill was to gather artists of the whole world, of each continent.

2013 is a new start for the group. Pintura Fresca, is now proposed to associate and represent about fifteen painters, abstract and figurative, from all parts of the world.
The principal objective of the association is to be a platform and a forum for contemporary artists.
Membership is by invitation only. All members must agree to any addition to the group.
It is hoped, with some usual exceptions, that all members will participate in any group exhibitions.
All members are of course expected to pursue their own personal careers.


Addington Gallery CHICAGO July 10 - August 29, 2015 opening Friday, July 10, 5-8pm